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3 Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea

"Thrilling . . . proof that one ordinary person, with the right combination of character and determination, really can change the world."

-Tom Brokaw


"The area where Greg is working, they have nothing - no agriculture, no industry, no natural resources. He just goes places where you and I would not go. Mortenson goes there because he believe education is the only way forward in this increasingly polarized, violent world. 'I don't care about fighting terror,' he said. 'The biggest issues in the world we need to address today are poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, which breeds hatred.'"

-Karin Ronnow


"When I saw the 84 children sitting in the dirt behind Korphe village on a crisp autumn morning . . . writing with sticks in the sand, that was all it took - Eureka Moment - for me to decide to build a school."

-Greg Mortenson


"Until recently, when anybody wanted to write a letter, they had to walk eight hours to find someone who could read and write. We need a generation that gets a good education so that they can have a good life and a good future. All that depends on education. Dr. Greg has brought that."

-Sakhawat Hussain Jahangir


"We have five students (at an institute school in Afghanistan) who walk three hours every single day to get to school. They get up in the morning, do their chores, get kindling for fire, make breakfast, milk the goat and then walk three hours to school, often in flip flops or rubber Chinese boots, although some of them are barefoot. But they do that every single day, rain or shine, for the privilege of learning how to read and write. And that's pretty powerful."

-Greg Mortenson

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Pooches for Peace Page

Please Support Our Efforts!

Our Goal:

To raise $15,000 - enough to build and supply an entire school for girls in Afghanistan or Pakistan

When we read Three Cups of Tea , the #1 New York Times' Best Selling book, it truly touched and inspired us that one man, Greg Mortenson, has made such a positive change in the world. He has dedicated his life to building schools for girls in the remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan because he knows that when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family.

Fundraiser Progress

Keeping Track of Our Progress

Visit our Press Page to get more information On M'Lynn's latest progress and events.

Education overcomes ignorance and traditions of hatred, which provides a real foundation for world peace. We were inspired because Mortenson is a person who, instead of complaining or gripping, actually came up with a solution and rolled up his sleeves to make it happen. We wanted to be like him!

The Hushe School.

Above: Mortenson dedicates the Hushe School
Image courtesy Central Asia Institute.

M'Lynn, our 16 year old daughter, decided that she too would make a difference in the world - raising $15,000 for the Central Asia Institute (Mortsenson's non-profit organization) to build and supply an entire school for girls. Her solution: Polished Pooches for World Peace. She has organized and carried out Polished Pooches for Peace dog wash fundraisers, jewelry parties, Pennies for Peace jars, and sells Pooches for Peace mugs. M'Lynn's project continues to evolve as each new idea brings her closer to her goal.
Central Asis Institute Logo

High in the mountains, education thrives.

Above: Mortenson and some of the Sitara School children.
Image courtesy Central Asia Institute.

Pennies do buy peace.

Each penny buys a pencil!

We encourage you to read this book, look through the photos of what we've done, or even check out the CAI's website to learn more. Then, if you too feel inspired, please support our efforts to promote peace through education. Donations to the CAI can be mailed to: Central Asia Institute, PO Box 7209, Bozeman, Montana 59771. Please make checks payable to & "Central Asia Institute " and write "Pooches for Peace" in the memo field. You can also make a difference by visiting to find out how you can start a Pennies for Peace project in your area.

God bless,
Dan & Shelly Gilliam


Women's Networking & Jewelry Party

Local women gathered for an evening of dressing up in gorgeous jewelry and networking. They had fun knowing that part of the proceeds from their jewelry shopping went to the CAI to help build schools for girls. That's called being beautiful on the outside AND the inside too!

The book that inspired it all
A penny for a pencil.
Little girlfriends.
fabulous options!
Really, you don't say?

First Row: M'Lynn explains the inspiration that started her project and the Pennies for Peace jars. Each penny buys a pencil!

Second Row: Girlfriends come in all sizes.

Third & Fourth Row: Meeting other fabulous women in the community while finding just the right set of jewelry.

Nice! I want these ones.

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POOCHES FOR PEACE is our ongoing fundraiser to support peace through education.

3 Cups of Tea Cover

Learn more!

Image courtesy Central Asia Institute

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