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Kloman family

"Sweet Pea & Darla are well cared for by the DDR Crew! DDR is GREAT for grooming!"

- Mary H. Kloman, owner MH Transcription Service


"Morgan, my black lab, has never looked so beautiful! I give her baths at home, but she has never looked this good! Thank you. I will be back."

-Gabrielle DeLeone

"Zack was very happy and oh so good looking - I'm very pleased!"

-Raeann Lund


Grooming Page


We offer grooming services for both dogs AND CATS! You can bring in your pets just for a grooming appointment, or your pets can be bathed or groomed before you pick them up after a visit with us at the Ranch. Either way, your pet will be sleep-on-your-bed fresh and clean! Our groomer is able to do shaves, breed cuts, and scissoring work.

In general, it is best to make an appointment in advanced to make sure that we hold an opening for your pet on the desired day. If you're in a hurry, or some emergency comes up (like getting sprayed by a skunk - phew!), give us a call and we'll always try our best to accommodate your needs. Grooming appointments are available Monday - Saturday with drop-offs typically scheduled between 8:00 - 9:30 in the morning. Then, we'll give you a jingle when your pet is ready for pick-up.

Click here to make
your grooming appointment Online!  Or, Give Us A Call

Khiva the diva.

Khiva's looking gorgeous!

Michael and Austin strutting for the ladies.

Above: Michael shows offs his grooming skills with Austin the collie.

Low and sleek, baby, low and sleek.


The base prices for grooming services are listed below. The actual prices will depend on the breed, size, and condition of the pet's coat. Please call or stop by to speak with our professional groomer to get prices specific to your dog. Remember, we have the best prices around!

  • Nail Trim : $10
  • Nail Filing: $20
  • Brush Out: $15+
  • Luxury Bath: $20+ for dogs, $25+ for cats
  • Flea/Tick Dip: $15 + bath charge
  • De-skunk: $25 + bath charge
  • Groom/Shave: $25+
  • De-matting: Please see groomer for quote
  • Cat Shave: Please see groomer for quote
Should I paint my nails pink or red?

Heidi's showing off her
dainty poodle feet.

Muddy and curly Where are my eyes? Poofy and Proud
Before: So I had a little fun with mud... During: This IS my happy face. After: Mom loves me again!

"Wanda and Nellie [one seen above] loved their spa day. They were both pampered and cannot wait until next time. I'm impressed by your professionalism and your ability to clean these muddy creatures. " -Abbie Roses

Nails can be done one of two ways. Nail filing is done with a dremmel tool that gradually files back the nails whereas a nail trim is a simple cut.

Brush outs are literally brushing out the coat to remove dead hair and mats that irritate the skin. This leaves the coat looking fresh and glossy again.

Luxury baths include a professional quality shampoo, conditioner, medication skin treatments, flea preventatives (if necessary), nail trimming, ear cleaning, blow drying, brush outs, and trimming hair between the paw pads and the potty path (hygiene areas).

Flea and tick dips are specially designed to get rid of those pests that are harmful to your pet's health.

De-skunk treatments use a secret formula that actually does get rid of that horrible smell so that your pet isn't permanently banished to the backyard.

Grooming is done by our professionally trained groomer who gives your pet a luxury bath and then can do shaves, breed cuts, and scissoring work to get the look and style you desire.

De-matting is a combination of combing and trimming to get out excessive tangles when the fur is clumped together.


Seniors receive 10% off grooming total on Tuesdays.

Receive a free play park session with a full groom.
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Best of Prescott, again!


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PUPPY PLAY: Receive a FREE play day for your puppy. Click here for coupon and details.

GROOMING SPECIAL: Seniors receive 10% off grooming total on Tuesdays.

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