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Teddy bears

"Bear enjoys socializing during his play days at the DDR while I'm working. Their play parks and suites comfortably accommodate his 125 lbs, and he LOVES the Doggie Dude Ranch."

-Felicia Ainsa

Read Princess' amazing story below!


Doggie Day Care Page



Have a spayed/neutered PUPPY less than a year old? Click here for a FREE PLAY DAY coupon!


  • Relieve boredom
  • Remedy destructive behavior
  • Ease separation anxiety
  • Improve socialization
  • Provide valuable exercise
  • Increase self-confidence
    And perhaps BEST of all..........
  • your dog will come home as dog-tired as you are and ready to snuggle!

The Doggie Dude Ranch (DDR) exists to bring you peace of mind! A wonderful solution for busy moms & dads is doggie day care!  Whether it's a tightly scheduled day at the office, out-of-town guests are arriving, or not enough time to exercise and entertain the kids - your dog will enjoy a day of play and amusement at the Doggie Dude Ranch!  Day care play days provide hours of exercise and social interaction, in addition to a suite for quiet time and snack time.

Day care is a trend that is growing around the country because it meets the needs of so many dog owners and their pets. For many of us, our dogs are like children (heck, they ARE our children!), and to leave them cooped up all day without opportunity for socializing, entertainment, and interaction is just not an acceptable option.  Not to mention, we all hate the guilt of getting too busy to really care for and love our fuzzy best friend!

Read about Princess' whose life was
changed in the DDR play parks.


Day care is also an excellent way to introduce a first time boarder (or those who had negative experiences at other facilities) to the Ranch. Familiarity with the grounds and ranch hands reduces stress when it is time for the overnight stay. Your dog already anticipates the fun of going on holiday with us! And, Fido knows that you'll be back to take him home.


Right: Hugs are always a good way to pass the afternoon.

Hee hee!


Now 1-2-3, 1-2-3.
Above: Left foot first. Now 1, 2, 3 -1, 2, 3!
Dogs are social animals, and well-balanced dogs enjoy the companionship of other dogs. Your dog will have the opportunity to socialize in one of our play parks where we provide a variety of toys and games including bubble-chasing, frisbee, toss-and-retrieve, and Kong. Each dog determines how long his/her session will be. After play park time, dogs retire back to their suites for a snack and quiet relaxation during the mid-afternoon.


Playmates are carefully selected based on temperament and play-style. First, our trained Pet Care Technicians get to know your dog in order to determine the appropriate playgroup or playmate. Dogs are initially introduced through fencing and then on leash. Once new dogs are comfortable, they are brought into supervised one-on-one playtimes with a friend or into an established playgroup.

Occasionally we encounter dogs who suffer anxiety at being in the presence of other dogs. It is the guiding philosophy of the Doggie Dude Ranch to encourage and promote calm, well-adjusted, and well-socialized dogs. Our years of experience has demonstrated that, if needed, we have the ability to match calm, gentle dogs with apprehensive dogs so that all may enjoy the fun diversions that make the Doggie Dude Ranch such a happy place to go on holiday!

Why can't I catch it?
So happy together!


We recognize that some dogs are dog-aggressive. While they will be unable to attend play-park with other dogs, they will receive one-on-one play park time with our friendly, PCSA certified caregivers. They will also be able to see other dogs enjoying their play park fun in adjoining play parks. It is the policy of the Doggie Dude Ranch to avoid isolation, boredom, fear, and aggression in our guests. For this reason, dogs will always be able to see other dogs even though they may not be allowed to play together.


Our day care prices are $15.00 a day per dog.


Just as with our boarding services, appointments are required so that we may prepare a suite and give proper planning to our playgroups.

To maintain our healthy environment year-round, we will need to see a copy of each guest's veterinary record showing they are up to date on their Rabies, DHLP-P (Parvo), and Bordetella (Canine Cough) vaccinations prior to check-in.

Your vet can fax this information to us at (928) 541-7529.


Dog paddle lessons.

Above: Lesson 1 is dog paddle.
Next week is the butterfly stroke!


From Fear to Fun

Princess the German Shepherd came into the Doggie Dude Ranch a wild child, tramatized after a separation from her hospitalized owner. Nobody could get near her. She huddled in terror in the back of her run, preferring to bake out in the hot sun as far away from people as she could get. She wouldn't even come inside for food or water.

Things were looking grim for Princess, but at the Doggie Dude Ranch there was reason for hope. We know that sometimes the best person for the job is another dog.

We chose a perky, happy, stable, large male boxer to coax Princess out of her fear. Princess's new friend invaded her space just enough to quell her fear of other dogs. After that, over the course of nearly 8 weeks, Princess met, interacted with, and began to socialize with other dogs.

Princess practices walking on lead.
Approaching for a hot dog.
Meanwhile, because Princess' chosen Ranch-mates were well-socialized with people as well as dogs, Princess took their lead and began to approach us for treats. Wow! We discovered that Princess was hot dog-motivated! Now that we knew what she liked, we began intense socialization with every staff member. With their help, Princess, the former wild child, learned to walk easily on a lead and to play and to enjoy herself in the play parks. She even learned to enjoy a day of beauty and grooming!

Her father recovered enough to take her home. And now, even if Princess makes an unscheduled stop at the DDR, she's well-socialized enough to have a great time. The truth of it is, with education and socialization, there are never any shortcuts, and so, at the DDR, a warm healthy place to stay is just the beginning. We make the world a better place, one enjoyable and very sociable visit at a time.

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