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Kelly and Emi

"Emi loves the  Doggie Dude Ranch.  The minute she gets into the door of your lobby, she never even looks back at me.  She just wants to get thru the door to the kennels and go hang out with her friends."-Kelly Robbiano

"Heidi looks GREAT! Whether for boarding or bathing, she always comes out her very happy self & very, very clean." -Barbara Madrigal

Read Bugle's amazing story below!

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Dog Boarding Page


We specialize in hands-on, recreational style boarding which results in engaging and enjoyable experiences for our guests. The Doggie Dude Ranch feels strongly that social interaction is a fundamental element in making the boarding experience a positive one for the dogs in our care.

Read Bugle's Story
click here.

When lodging with us, your dog will have the opportunity every day to socialize in one of our play parks where we provide a variety of toys and games including bubble-chasing, frisbee, toss-and-retrieve, and Kong.

Michael and Grandma Daisy.

Above: Michael and Grandma Daisy receive Australian guests during play park fun.

Want a Free Gift?

Click here to print off a coupon offer and bring it in to the DDR to get a free gift for your furry friend.


Enjoying sunshine and fresh air.

Above: All our runs have patios that allow for friendly interaction, sunshine, and hands-on affection from caregivers.

  • Options to camp with a friend or BYOB (Bring Your Own Bed)
  • LARGE indoor/outdoor suites with healthy fresh-air porches
  • Heated kennel floors for winter and industrial grade evaporative coolers for summer
  • Enjoyable and interesting play parks full of toys
  • Fun, friendly, hands-on Day Care
  • Full-service, all-breed grooming and bathing
  • Skylights for added light and cheer
  • Excellent ventilation to provide fresh, healthy, and odorless air
  • Refrigerators to keep food and medications fresh
  • Extra entrances for safety and ventilation
  • Wadding pools in summer

Click here to read an article about what to look for when choosing a boarding facility.


Our staff's actions match these words and adhere to a strict code of conduct that values honesty, hard work and, most of all kindhearted and affectionate care. Our staff is trained through the highly respected educational program provided by the Pet Care Services Association (formerly ABKA). Dogs have so much fun boarding with us, we've had dogs run away from home to rejoin us at the Doggie Dude Ranch! (Really, it happened!)

I got it!

Above: Kokoli always votes to play frisbee.

Curly tails unite!

Above: Curly tails are the latest fashion trend.

Our large dog boarding suites means that your dogs will be comfortable. They're able to stretch, run, sleep, and move about to their heart's content. This immediately reduces the stress that dogs would encounter at other facilities where the boarding runs leave the dog feeling cramped and stiff. Outdoor patios provide fresh, clean air to keep your pets healthy.


Our play parks especially set apart our boarding facilities. We don't walk dogs on leashes demanding that they exercise for a specified amount of time. Instead, they get the opportunity to go out and play catch, run, swim, or just sleep under the shade of a tree. Dogs are smart - they know what they want to do! They also get to play in groups to help them develop social skills. Learn more about our play park experiences on our Day Care page. Up to three extra play park sessions per day may be scheduled.

Playing fetch never grows old.
Snorkeling with friends - priceless.
Now tell me dear Watson.
Above: Playing "fetch" is always a local favorite.
Above: Practicing snorkeling techniques under the instructor's watchful eye.
Above: Strong contenders for the look-a-like contest.


Please feel free to discuss any special requirements with us when you make your reservation. We will do everything in our power to make sure your pet is taken care of and provided for. The following is a sampling of special needs that can be accommodated:
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Special meal preparation
  • Extra feeding times
  • Food from home
  • Water from home
  • Treats from home
  • Special handling care

Right: Tethercat - we mean, tetherBALL
is always a crowd pleaser.

Now pull, pull!


  • A current copy of your pet's vaccinations (or send it ahead of time!)
  • Emergency contact phone information
  • Any medicine or supplements with dosing instructions
  • Any special food labeled and pre-packed in individual serving, water-proof portions.
  • Beddings, toys, and adult dog food are provide.

Visit our FAQ page for more information about all of these subjects.

When boarding is more than
just a place to stay

After relocating to Arizona in 2002, Bill Hagety began a new job, bought a new home, and realized he was lonely.  Having always appreciated Rottweillers, he set out searching for a new friend to adopt.

Bugle and his favorite tire.

An ad for an 8-month-old Rottie-mix out of Phoenix seemed like a good lead and he pursued his hunch.  Bill met the owner of the Rottie pup, and had his first view of the dog.  The large pup was scared, nervous, and had urinated in the back of the man's truck.  Telltale signs of abuse were visible in the choke chain that was imbedded into the pup's neck - a choker left on long after it had been outgrown.  The pup flinched at each of the owner's movements, and was lacking any disciplined behavior skills. 

Come on, come on, let's play!

Bill knew he had to save this dog and, over time, Bill and Bugle bonded. Bill's job required him to travel, but because of Bugle's history and fear of humans, Bill had concerns about boarding him and knew he needed to find the proper facility. 

Off Bill went to work, and we at the Doggie Dude Ranch went to work too.  We immediately found a seasoned boarder, a large female Rottie named Billie, to be Bugle's friend.  With Billie's presence he took comfort and began to relax.  Then, each staff member began to enter Bugle's space with Billie as a security buffer for him.  Slowly, each of us was able to at first touch and then stroke and comfort Bugle. 


This was our therapy for Bugle for his first week at the Ranch.  His constant companion was Billie, she was never out of his immediate space; and we spent hours cultivating his trust of us as caretakers.  Over several visits, Bugle grew bolder and more self-confident.  There was no miracle cure, but with Bill's constant diligence and many fun boarding adventures at the Ranch, Bugle's true personality emerged-that of a well-adjusted, happy, people-friendly dog among dogs. 

Bugle and his family recently moved back to Pennsylvania.  Tears were shed at the Doggie Dude Ranch during his last visit with us.  Bugle is just one of our success stories at the Ranch.  His story is poignant because he represents the triumphs that can occur when great dog owners partner with the caring staff at the Ranch to make the world a better place, one enjoyable visit at a time.

God Bless you Bill and Michelle during your new adventures in the East.  To Bugle-we send you huge kisses on the lips! 

Where's my tutu?

All your loving friends at the Doggie Dude Ranch

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