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Horton hugs

"Jake considers a trip to the DDR a chance to romp with his buddies; both two and four legged ones! "

-Debbie Horton

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A Day at the Ranch Page

Howdy! Join us for a day at the Ranch

All campers, novice buckaroos and seasoned wranglers alike, are greeted at the big house by Jenny or Jamie. This is where Mom and Dad drop off their happy little campers. The seasoned wranglers know that all of the fun starts on the other side of the red door - and they're eager to get at it!
Jamie, always grinning.
Good mornin' greetings.
7:00 - Mornings start with a big good morning from JoAnne. No need for an a.m. bugle call here! We have plenty of volunteers to announce the wake up call. After a morning stretch in the fresh air, it's chow time!
9:00 - Time for the kitties to wake up. They've voted for more leisurely, sophisticated mornings than their canine counterparts. Apparently the sounds of water and quiet background music are better suited for an enjoyable breakfast in front of the picture windows.
I need some coffee.
Out on the range.
9:30 - PLAY TIME! Play park and day care groups start in the outside yards. Groups enjoy kong, chew toys, frisbees, tether cat - we mean - ball, and other fun things that make play park at the Ranch interesting and enjoyable! JoAnne gives belly rubs and plays toss, and Colten never runs out of hugs and kisses for all of the campers.
10:00 - Pamper time! For the campers who have come to the end of their stay, it's time to get gussied-up and kissable just in time for the reunion with Mom and Dad. A good water massage lets the pampering begin. Nothing's better than a fresh smelling pooch!
My eyes! Where are my eyes?!
Crossing the gully.
11:00 - The cats are finally up and ready to take turns pretending to be jungle explorers. After climbing steep mountains, crossing the gulley, and napping in cool caves; it's time to retreat back to base camp and relax from the comfort of their second-story perch.
11:30 - Time for co-ed skinny dipping! As the sun starts to warm up, campers enjoy relaxing in the shade of the trees and shade sails, and swimming in the wadding troughs during the warm summer months.
Shade and a snack - ah!
1:30 - Nap time! Dogs and cats alike are all brought back to their bunks to enjoy some quiet time during the heat of the day. For those who are too excited to sleep, they're able to use their doggie doors to access their outside porches where they can continue to visit with friends. The best part about nap time? It ends with snack time!
2:30 - Snuggle time for the cats. They enjoy being snuggled and petted much more than playing sports - and definitely more than swimming! Nothing spells a great afternoon like a nice P-U-R-R-R.
So happy together!
Nap time.
3:30 - Afternoon socialization. One last chance to meet new campers, take a jog, or just play a game together. For those who find a new best friend, they can choose to be bunk mates and spend the night telling ghost stories - no room for 'fraidy cats here!
5:00 - Time to settle down and come back to the bunks. Campers needing one last snack are allowed to munch before settling down for the night. Fresh water is always available in each bunk and in the play yards.
Doggie pile.
Beautiful Arizona sunsets.
5:30 - Nighty-night! Heated floors, fresh air, and skylights to look at the stars always make for a relaxing evening. Now, who was supposed to bring the s'mores?


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